Rag Doll


Are you looking for a rapid and easy way to instantly relax?

Try our Rag Doll Breathing Technique. When sensing stress/anxiety, rapid relaxation can be obtained by making yourself a limp Rag Doll.   Try letting your head slump forward, shoulders sag, arms dangle in your lap, hands loose, palms up and NOW take that deep abdominal breathe, hold to the count of four, let your breath out to the count of six and rag doll.  Picture yourself just deflating.   Remember, you can’t be relaxed and anxious at the same time.  Practice these exercises daily.   The Rag Doll Breathing Technique can help you approach situations, events, fear rehearsing  and anticipatory anxiety prior to stressful challenges we find ourselves facing.   Sometimes on a daily basis.   So the art of relaxation is a key factor in overcoming anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and OCD.

I have a fun little exercise I do with children who are easily frightened or have symptoms of situational anxiety.  Having them sit in a quiet place, (if possible) teach them to “smell the roses,”  hold it, then “blow out the bubbles” and “pop” the imaginary bubbles with their fingers.  This teaches them to breathe in through their nose, hold it, exhale through their pursed lips.  Blowing out the imaginary bubbles  and popping them with their fingers helps break the outpouring of anxious thoughts.  This was recommended by a school teacher that used this technique to quiet children exhibiting anxiety or fearful situations.   It would be helpful for teachers to anticipate fearful reactions in hyper-vigilent children during fire drills or playground conflicts.   If you wish to discuss this in more detail please email me.  pattysteele@mac.com

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