Is your past still dominating your future? Can you change your past? I hear a “yes, but, you don’t understand what happened to me. “The abuse, the molestation, the violence, the illness, poverty, abandonment, neglect, bullying, death and destruction.”  Yes, it is understood, but replaying it as your identity still makes you a victim of it. Is it time that you move towards taking control of your life in the present? Is it time to acknowledge once and for all that it happened, but now you are ready to move on to a life of freedom from fear and anxiety. Start working towards change to bring  peace and serenity. Face your fears correctly and they will no longer dominate your present or your future. Change in small incremental steps builds confidence. The brain is a “show me organ”.  I can help you take that first step towards overcoming panic attacks, anxiety and phobias with an individual blueprint for approaching your fears.  When I was cured over 20 years ago, I had no idea the freedom and joy I felt.  My world completely opened up to glorious and unlimited possibilities.   I am now a “can do” person.   Freedom from fear is a goal for most people.  I can help you attain it.  No hocus pocus.  Just hard work with a set plan and you can achieve your new life without fear.   Feel free to contact me by phone or email:

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