As a Christian Life Coach/Phobease Instructor, it is my job to instruct, support and encourage my students. I can help you face your fears, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety. I want to teach and inspire you to do things and go places you never thought you could! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to control the fear that has been controlling you all of these years?

The Phobease Inspired Lessons that I teach have been proven in overcoming  anxiety, phobias, shyness and panic attacks. Several of the Kaiser Permanente Hospitals in Northern California have had ongoing classes. Dr. Howard Liebgold M.D. * started this program with Kaiser more than 30 years ago and has graduated over 15,000 students with a 90% success rate. I am confident that  lessons learned from Living Beyond Fear  will help you achieve great success in facing and overcoming your life restricting fears and phobias.

The 10 Phobease Lessons found in the workbook are designed to help you through:

  1. Understanding the nature of anxieties, phobias and panic attacks.
  2. Designing your personalized strategy to conquer your fears and anxieties.
  3. Understanding and practicing non-avoidance.
  4. Developing a mutual support system
  5. Following sound nutritional and exercise practices.
  6. Learning relaxation and cognitive skills.

All of the lessons will be provided to you in a workbook. I will personally instruct you with each lesson. And then we will review it together. It will be exciting to find out that you CAN control your fears and end this cycle of panic and phobias using the tools you learn.

A simple phone call or email will start you on the road to freedom from fear.  It is estimated that 85% of physical discomfort brought on by anxiety or panic attacks are due to a perceived threat or fear.  Often times, this is due to faulty thinking.   First we must educate you about controlling the physical reaction.   Then we must teach you how to counter the faulty thought process.  This is where truth, verification, faith, prayer and victories lead to a cure.   Please call and start on your journey to wellness.


God didn’t give you the spirit of fear;  but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1: 7






Contact:  Pattysteele@mac.com or phone: 209-559-2505




*My Dear Mentor, Dr. Howard Liebgold passed away August 15, 2013.  Dr. Liebgold, a Physician and Founder of Phobease was instrumental in my cure and those of thousands who suffered life restricting  panic attacks, phobias, anxiety and OCD.  Dr. Liebgold was a great man with a God given purpose.  He is truly missed.